All Natural Bio Catalyst for Soil

SoilOx is formulated with specialized microbial cultures, metabolites, and critical micronutrients that improve the micro-community that offer multiple benefits.

Increase Root Size and Branching

SoilOX provides critical enzymes, metabolites and beneficial microbial biomass that aids in building soil structure, competitive exclusion of pathogens and undesirable species, water retention, soil chemistry and salt reduction.

The microbes and their enzymatic byproducts produced in soil by applying Soil OX facilitate digestion of fertilizers and organic wastes and convert them into useable nutrients for agricultural crops. Soil OX aids in the release of additional nutrients, converts fertilizers into simpler, more available nutrients for increased uptake and absorption improving fertilizer efficiency.

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SoilOx is an all-natural microbial soil inoculant that improves fertilizer efficiency, soil structure, and increases plant growth and crop yield. For use on all soil types.